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Do you feel like you have tried everything and don't know what else to try? Or maybe you lack confidence and don't know where to even start? And how could you with so many conflicting ideologies out there surrounding fitness?

We've been there too! Growing up with low self-esteem, struggling with obesity, and being bullied in school caused Eli to turn to fitness (and Jesus) to change that!  The growth it gave him in every area of life has created a passion to help others feel that same empowerment through changing not only their body, but their lifestyle. 



Here at Flex Personal Training Co. we are passionate  about Results. And we know what it takes to get them! Our mission is to change people's lives and help them feel better, more confident, fit in clothes they never thought they would see again, and take their lives back into their own hands. 

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Eli studied Health and Human Performance in college and is a personal trainer and nutrition coach certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

Eli has over 4 years of Personal Training  experience and over a decade of experience in training his own body. Through his own experience and experience with clients, he knows exactly what works and what doesn't. Following the science, there are three methods of which he focuses on:

1. Progressive Overload through resistance training

2. The law of thermodynamics 

3. Low-intensity cardio

Combining these three things has proven time and time again to yield fat loss results, and they can work for you too if you do it correctly!

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